britboy hockey design for cap


Machine format: Tajima
Color changes: 4
Stops: 5
Trims: 14
Appliqués: 0
Left: 31.7 mm
Right: 31.7 mm
Up: 29.4 mm
Down: 29.4 mm
EndX: 0.00 in
EndY: 0.00 in
Area 5.78 in²
Max stitch: 9.3 mm
Min stitch: 0.1 mm
Max jump: 7.1 mm
Stitches: 12,086
Height: 2.32 in
Width: 2.49 in
Colors: 4
Colorway: Colorway 1
Zoom: 2.25
Total thread: 198.93ft
Total bobbin: 69.92ft
Stop Sequence:
# N# Color St. Code Name Chart
1. 15 1,920 15 White Wilcom
2. 21 414 21 Sky Blue Wilcom
3. 5 1,642 5 Red Wilcom
4. 1 4,593 1 Blue Wilcom
5. 15 3,515 15 White Wilcom

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britboy hockey design for cap.

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