Best Generals Logo For Cap


Design Name: Y
Version: 4.2H
Machine: Tajima
Stitches: 17727
Color Changes: 16
Colors: 9
Stops: 17
Trims: 66
Objects: 293
Total Thread: 102.99 m
Total Bobbin: 39.01 m
Jump Length: 6.80 mm
Max Stitch Length: 10.70 mm
Min Stitch Length: 0.12 mm

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Generals Logo For Cap

This generals logo for cap for embroidery design can be used in T-Shirt, Polo shirts, jackets, Sweaters, pants, caps, Baby dresses, or Any kind of Dress you like. We are just showing only for looking at the logo on the dress, And if you need a logo size bigger or smaller to change or any customization please contact us.

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We can provide you with any Embroidery machine format you require. You can simply share your Embroidery machine name or file format name in the order form, we will deliver your digitized design in the required file format embroidery design near me.

  • Any image can be converted
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About Embroidery Logo Design?

Embroidery refers to clothing that has a pattern or is stitched into its generals logo for cap. Embroidery is when a design or logo is embroidered directly onto the Cap, T-shirt, Hoodie, Polo-Shirt, Bag or anything else you want.

Custom Logo

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In Which Formats do we Embroidery for You?

Below are the formats that we do embroidery for your company. You can embroider our file on any embroidery machine. DST, PES, JEF, XXX, VP3, PDF, PNG…..etc. I will provide good quality with fast delivery

We’re a generals logo digitizing design service provider with the experience of more than a decade, we can take your provided images and turn them into beautiful, professional-looking designs that you can use for whatever you need. Whether you need digital or cap logo designs for business or personal use, we can make it happen with astonishing results!

Besides, if you are looking for a more personal custom cap embroidery logo, we can make it happen for you in the custom order. We can design in various shapes, sizes, and colors and make it as unique and eye-catching as you want.

Our Packages

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